December 03, 2019 4 min read

Working on your baby registry?

It’s just simply so hard to resist putting tons of bespoke kid’s clothes on your baby registry, isn’t it?

But first thing’s first.

You NEED to know that babies grow quickly.

And your baby won’t simply fit into one fixed-sized clothes for too long. All of us know that spit-ups or diaper blowouts can take place at any time of the day or night. And that's the reason for having tons of clothing options can turn out to be quite handy.

That’s what brings us to the most commonly asked question:

How Many Baby Clothes Do I Need?


How many times in a week do you visit the laundry?

Is it once?Or twice? Or is it every day?

Depending on your laundry routine, you can simply decide how many baby clothes you will actually need.

Here’s how you can adjust the numbers:

  • If the frequency’s once a week, then you should multiply the numbers by 2.
  • If you wash clothes every day, you can simply cut the numbers in half.


It’s no secret that babies grow quickly.

Your obvious choice would be to buy the bespoke kid’s clothes that fit a newborn baby.

Usually, most of the newborn sizes max out around 8lbs.

What if you have a bigger baby?

In this case, the baby might not fit into them.

While you are adding clothes to your baby registry, pick up some newborn items and then focus on about 0-3 months sizes.

The latter size option will simply fit the babies that weigh up to around 12 or 13 lbs.

3-5 Pants

Not always do babies need to wear pants.

But, having a few of them in inventory to pull over the bodysuits can certainly help in warming up the legs when the weather’s chilly.

7 Rompers Or Bodysuits

Bodysuits are considered to be a no-fuss, easy outfit that babies can wear in the summer.

In the winter, bodysuits can act as a basic layer.

We would recommend you to add seven bodysuits to your baby registry.

5 Pairs Of Socks

Of course, you’d want to make sure that your baby’s feet are cozy in the socks.

In case if your baby’s due in summer, then you don’t need to buy more than five pairs of socks.

However, if its winter, then we would recommend you to add two more pairs to the list.

2 Hats

In the early months, it’s really important to keep your baby warm with beanie-style hats.

We would advise you to add two of them to your baby registry.

If your baby’s due in winter, you can also give fleece hats a shot.

4 Footies, Sleepers & Gowns

Cozy footed sleepers or pyjamas are really a great choice for playtime.

Or you can couple them with a swaddle to make sure that your baby has a good night's sleep in a colder climate.

2-3 Swaddles

We can't exactly call them clothes.

However, your baby will spend lots of time in them.

Most of the babies love to be swaddled in the first few months.

They feel a lot womblike in a swaddle.

Swaddles help prevent babies’ startle reflex from waking them up.

Hence, you will find yourself putting your baby to sleep in a swaddle.

2 Pairs Of Mittens

You can simply cover up your babies’ cute little hands with cozy mittens.

Scratch mittens will come a lot of handy to help prevent newborns from scratching themselves by using their long-sharped nails.

2 Sweatshirts Or Sweaters

A zip-up or cardigan hoodie can really be handy when the climate's cold and there's a chill in the air.

If the baby gets warm, you can easily take it out of them.

2 Booties Or Slippers

Babies don’t exactly need shoes.

However, booties will provide them additional warmth.

1 Bunting Sack Or Winter Coat

If your baby is due in the winter, he/she will need at least a single layer of outwear that warms him/her up even more.

If the climate is warm, a winter coat along with a warm pant is simply enough.

However, if you live in a colder region, you need to get a full-body to outwear in order to make sure that your baby stays snug in just any weather.

1 Sun Hat

We would recommend you to get a sun-hat with a wide-brim that will simply not fall off.

2 Lightweight Blankets

The best way that you can protect your baby from the sun is with shade.

And you can do that perfectly without overheating the baby with muslin or light cotton blanket.

Drape it over your baby in the carrier or stroller in order to cover the skin.


In this blog post, we provided you with a basic idea of how many baby clothes you will need.

However, the number of clothes that you need to buy varies depending on your budget, lifestyle and aesthetic.

Tip: Add about 2-3 items that aren’t really necessary to have, but are simply fun to have and fit your style.

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