October 03, 2019 2 min read

Baby Car Travel Plan

Now that you have decided to take your little one on her first car trip, you surely are excited. But, just because of that excitement, don’t let your first trip be chaos. To avoid the potential mistakes as much as possible, an extensive amount of preparation is required as opposed to a trip where only the grown-ups take part. With that said, in this article, we intend to emphasize some important things you should remember when you plan the first car trip with your baby.


  1. Start packing in advance

It is always important to start packing in advance. Before packing, however, it is compulsory to get a list prepared and that list should comprise of all the baby items you need. Needless to mention that it should include diapers, food, and baby clothing. When it comes to clothing, be sure to pack three times as many clothes as you assume you would need. In addition to that, include items like baby blankets, toys, a foldable playpen, etc. in your list. When you start packing, you will remember more items that are to be included in this list. Stick the list you created to the main door and you can see it when you are about to leave.


  1. Adhere to your baby’s schedule

It is exceptionally important to adhere to your baby’s routine even when you are going on a trip. For instance, if she is used to eating at a particular time (noon, for instance) and take a nap for about an hour afterward, adjust your schedule accordingly. It is always better to keep her sleeping as much as possible throughout the ride. However, if she is ready to wake up and play a little during the trip, have some toys (especially her favorite toys) ready. Toys that produce sound and light up work with many of the babies. Also, it is important to keep her excited about some fun activities. Moreover, you must be prepared to take frequent breaks if the baby appears to be pretty tired.


  1. Let the others know your schedule

Before starting the trip, you should inform your relatives about the schedule so they will respect it. Make sure that you plan out the stay ahead of the time. Every person in the house should know about sleeping, eating, nappy time, bedtime, etc. In addition to that, it is always important that there are not too many outside visitors at the venue to mingle with the baby. When babies experience too much company, it can be exceptionally stimulating for them and soon they will become very upset. That will eventually make everyone uncomfortable.


After reaching the venue, make sure that the area is baby proof and safe. If there are stairs and hard floors, be very cautious about them. Before you reach the venue, it is better to have a good idea about it so you can get prepared. That’s it. Good luck!